Selling Saas

Reducing CAC by 75%, shrinking sales cycle by 45% and building a business on the back of another business without even knowing it. with Scott Stouffer.

Episode Summary

Data is not sexy to talk about nor is it sexy to actually “do.” But sales and marketing both are, except for when they don’t work… How do you get it to work? Go back to the data. The only way to know “what’s working,” is to sift through mountains of data sets manually in order for you to tell the machines what to pay attention to. Sometimes it can happen in a few weeks, but most of the time it takes years of disciplined habits of pulling the data.

Episode Notes

It’s great when we have team members transfer departments and learn a new skill, but often times we dont take the time to teach them whats needed to be successful in this role. It’s a particular problem when we look at data and the insights we glean from data. If you’re coming from a data science role in product and engineering, and going into Revops, you MUST take the time to learn what “good data” looks like. Its really easy to exclude missing data points if you dont know what to look for, which could lead to poor decision making by the leaders.

Getting the right data from Revops from the relevant experience

the importance of connectivity and integrating programs to support customer acquisition and all GTM functions

Needing to maintain a level of healthy skepticism in data to make sure you’re capturing all data points and conversion moments

Take over three years to understand where the gaps are and building a produce

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