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Riding the Big Waves of Business: Ton Dobbe's Journey in the Software Industry and Writing a Book Part1

Episode Summary

Duane Dufault welcomes Ton Dobbe to the Selling SaaS podcast. Ton has a long history of working in the software industry, primarily with the company Unit Four. He has held roles in product marketing and product strategy, eventually evolving into a chief evangelist. Ton left the company and now dedicates his time to helping software companies achieve traction and get rewarded for their valuable solutions. He wrote a book to share his knowledge and experience with this goal in mind. Ton Dobbe is an entrepreneur who was competing with large companies such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. In 2018, he decided to start his own solo business and created a podcast interviewing tech entrepreneurs called Tech Entrepreneur on a Mission. One of his podcast guests suggested he write a book, which he eventually did and published in 2020. He worked with a coach to figure out what to include in the book and used the transcripts from his podcast, his own experience, and stories from his guests to determine what the book should focus on.

Episode Notes

In Ton Dobbe's book, he has connected business with sports and used an anecdote of his own experience of visiting Nazareth in Portugal and witnessing the enormous waves there. He then explains how he used this experience as the basis for his story in his book. He then goes on to explain how he used big wave surfing as the theme and storyline behind his story, and how there are many things to connect with these big wave surfers. 

He believes that success in business and life can be achieved by having a passion and connecting it to the storyline. By having a strong foundational focus and taking action, people can have a high level of success.

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